Bone Identification

Osteology, or better known to the public as bone identification, is the scientific study of bones. The identification process includes a detailed study of the remains, inventory, ancestry and aging data, and other non-metric traits. We focus closely on human osteology.

Recovery and Repatriation

Our human osteology services include coordination of Native American repatriation, development of a course of action unique to each project, expediting identification and resolution, excavation, pre-sorting osteological remains, and providing design phase project assessment for risk management.

Let Us Handle the Legal Environment

We serve as the liaison between the Medical Examiner Offices/Coroner and your project. This solution ensures your project complies with all legal regulations and processes when human remains are found. Our Archaeology Principle Investigator Rebekah Loveless is a trained Osteologist with over 12 years of experience in cultural preservation and archaeology and is responsible for managing all project elements under Loveless Linton, Inc. Her training and experience fulfill local, state, and/or federal requirements.