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Loveless Linton, Inc. was established in 2012 and is Native American owned. Since our inception we have had the opportunity to service a variety of projects in the San Diego and Imperial counties. We help guide the project along an efficient path by handling the harder decisions for you, resulting in project stability, productivity, cultural sensitivity, regulatory compliance, time efficiency, and we do it all while keeping the project within the target budget. We keep the human element at the forefront of our archaeological efforts.


The Benefit of Our Unique Solutions

Our firm works as a combined hands on unit (archaeologist and Native American) and our expertise in Cultural Resources Management has been developed with a close focus on projects in San Diego County of all sizes and types. Our specialized experience can serve the needs of any client's interests and goals. Our team is capable of providing full support in the field, in addition to pre-consultation planning, project design, consultation, technical studies in compliance with CEQA, NEPA, NHPA, and NAGPRA. Additionally we offer osteological support for potential human remains. This service helps expedite the identification of human remains and allows for maximum recovery. This benefits all members involved by minimizing project delays while providing confidence and security to Native Nations.


Productivity with Cultural Sensitivity

Loveless Linton, Inc. in San Diego is one of the only Native American owned Cultural Resource Management firms in San Diego County. We pride ourselves in delivering specialized and professional consulting services to our clients, while maintaining the highest level of sensitivity to all regions and territories. Our team of experts have experience in cultural compliance, archaeology, osteology, and projects associated with Native Nations.

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