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Brandon Linton

Mr. Brandon Linton

Cultural P.I. | Mr. Linton has over 15 years of experience in the field of cultural resources management. He focuses on Native American project coordination, cultural site consultation, and archaeology through the Monitoring Programs he leads at Loveless Linton, Inc. Mr. Linton is 'Iipay and an enrolled member of the "Mesa Grande Band", and has a thorough understanding of expectations for cultural preservation from different Native American perspectives. He cares greatly about Native American cultural resources and concerns, Human Osteology standards, cultural compliance, and the interests of Native American Lands.

Rebekah Loveless

Ms. Rebekah Loveless

Archaeological P.I. | Ms. Loveless has over 12 years of experience in the field of cultural resources management and archaeology. She exceeds the Secretary of Interior's Standards of archaeology and specializes in San Diego Archaeology, Human Osteology, and cultural compliance.  Ms. Loveless is a graduate of San Diego State University, a Registered Professional Archaeologist, and a long time associate of the San Diego Medical Examiner's Office and Imperial County Coroner. She's passionate about San Diego archaeology and its history, and takes great care to lead projects through effective development phases while maintaining cultural and environmental compliance.