Maintaining Continuity

As the cultural landscape transitions due to changes in the environment, we use our knowledge of paleontology, archaeology, and biology to envision the development of the landscape, and study the effects on the surrounding cultures over time.


During site assessments and land surveys, our experience in geology and stratigraphy is crucial to determining the antiquity of the landscape in the project's surrounding areas. By studying the soil, we develop insight to the archaeology and paleontology time eras which provides indication of any resources present. It also allows us to identify and evaluate water resources and natural hazards to the community and the project.

Paleontology Partnership

Loveless Linton, Inc. partners successfully with specialists from the San Diego Natural History Museum's "Paleo-Services" team to recover and identify fossils and faunal remains. They are a highly regarded non-profit institution that consistently prioritizes available resources for our clients which allows us to ensure quality, project budget efficiency, and optimal productivity.