Pre-design Consultation

 We can't stress enough the importance of pre-design consultation. Without receiving pre-design consultation, there might be unforeseen issues with cultural compliance that arise later once the project is under way. We're available to meet with you before and throughout your project's progress to ensure any potential issues are being addressed - saving you time, money, and embarrassment. 

Construction and Project Support


Loveless Linton, Inc. in San Diego offers support for all project requirements such as construction support, construction monitoring, documentation, mitigation and monitoring, site assessment, survey conducting, site testing, technical support. Our services are approved to work on projects in Class I, II, and III by federal standards.

In-House Team

Our in-house team of archaeologists is prepared to complete all necessary tasks to ensure seamless completion of each project phase. Our Archaeological Principles Investigator, Rebekah Loveless, has over 12 years of experience in cultural resources management and archaeology, and leads project phases with any archaeology element. We also team with architectural historians and are available to identify pre-historic and historic architecture and resources.