Native American Services

Reduce Resistance

Often times, the concerns of Native Nations in California are overlooked and seen as resistance. We offer a unique approach of communication on your project's behalf with the highest regard of cultural sensitivity to ensure their concerns are treated with respect and the project can progress without resistance.

We Are the Communication Key

We pride ourselves in the care we place on cultural and regional sensitivity when we address the community of Native Nations as a whole during each phase of your project. Through consistent consultation and communication, everyone's concerns can be heard and addressed properly. We offer consultation services for AB52, SB18, Section 106, NAGPRA, TCP (traditional cultural property), and others.

Native American Specialist

Our Cultural Principle Investigator Brandon Linton has over 15 years of experience in archaeology as a Cultural Consultant. His expertise comes from his experience in the field of Native American monitoring in addition to his Kumeyaay heritage as 'Iipay and his enrollment as a member of the "Mesa Grande Band". He is the core component of our communication with clients and Native Nations.